Amanda Katz

Renée Petropoulos

Note on the Collaboration

The artists' strict commitment to an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, its material and form, as the "site" of their collaboration proved impossible to represent on 7x7's digital platform. The following presentation should be considered a rough translation of their collaboration, with the desktop version in particular reproducing the work with the closest fidelity to the artists' original intention.

          We heat our bodies for travel
          for resounding, for getting
           this over, for we are pressure & gradient—
          we recline at the water’s edge.
          A pipe extends.
          Here is a metaphor for how
          I can’t love you: (see particle horizon).
          There is the flatness problem, the oldness problem1
          and the inflated field2 with no correspondence
          in this world. It is a wonder
          we have the same temperature, same ratio of thigh to calf.
          As when looking into the lit sky
          distance corresponds with time into the past
          and I see you in front of me as you were
          though not from where you came.
          After the storm we’ll check riser and rootwad.
          During, we recline at its edge.
          We are sphere & bend.
          Hear the wind off the pipe at the delta:
          how is it the waters both coo and rage?



1 Lightman, Alan, and Gingerich, Owen. “When do anomalies begin?.” Science 255, no. 5045 (1992): 690
2 Tsujikawa, Shinji. “Introductory Review of Cosmic Inflation.” Research Center for the Early Universe, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan (28 Apr. 2003): Lecture


               edge        extend(s)
                                                           wonder          temper
                                                                                                                   over                      riser
                                                                      ver           for   sure                       phor

               edg                ext                                                                       nder                  mper
                                                                               er er
                                   corr corr
                                                                               wer wher                  stor sphr
                  over                                                                   riser
                                                                    pressure                                                       wonder
               fter                                                                                   ter(s)





for surei

iiillus. CAN’T LOVE


          particle horizon
        (or, move me) 


                      romantic love is a drive:
                                                                     We recline at the water’s edge.

                     elimination is a drive: 
                                                                     A pipe extends.

                      attachment is a drive:
                                                                     We are sphere & bend.

                     chorus of the Sour Grapes:
                                                                           You’ll say | you did | n’t want | me an | y way.





                                     with no correspondence,

          it is a wonder with no ­
          correspondence, it is a wonder with
          no correspondence, it is a
          wonder with no correspondence,
             it is a wonder^

          We heat our bodies for travel.
          We coo and rage.

          How is it one body
          can take another over

          and over and over again?
          Hear the wind through the pipe

          or the pipe through the wind.
          It is as when—

                                    (see RISER)

                           nder, mper
                           ssure, iser
                           ssure, iser
                           mper, nder

                           nder, mper
                           iser, ssure
                           ssure, iser
                           mper, nder

                           coo, rage
                           rage, rage
                           coo, coo

Amanda Katz

Amanda Katz grew up in Midtown during the height of the Giuliani years. She now runs Katz’s Deli, a micro-residency and discussion-based exhibition program, out of her Mid City Los Angeles studio. Working at the intersections of art, poetry and social practice, she frequently produces collaborative work. Most recently, she performed a reading at the Little House Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), hosted a brunch at the Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena, CA), and designed a project translating a three-part poem into a three course menu (with chef duo TABLE | TABLE), serving dinner at her studio for forty two people.

Renée Petropoulos

Renée Petropoulos is an internationally exhibited artist. She works in different media always in relationship to site. Recent performance projects include “Venice to Venice” (2012), part of the Hammer Museum Venice Beach Biennale, and “Black Star,” a performance in continuum in Berlin begun in 2006. Her outdoor public sculpture “‘Bouquet’ (Flower Tower) Between Egypt, India, Iraq, the United States, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Mexico” was installed in Santa Monica in 2014. In 2016, Petropoulos will release a cd of sound work (in collaboration with composer Greg Lenczycki) entitled “Between Libya, the United States and Scotland” based on her installation at LAMOA. She is currently working on a performance piece with the Isaura String Quartet and on a collaborative project with Neapolitan scholar Dr. Denise Spampinato.