Not An Exit

Adam Soldofsky

Baptiste Tavernier

One way to approach an intersection is to

collapse all distinctions


           try not to think of yourself

as an enchanted Pentecostal head


                          stick your mind somewhere

between sea and horizon


                                         call it a beginning

Never has being dead been so out of



              before you can say that was easy


                        a specter jumps down your 



                                    a river of children empties

into modernity

This hand sews a pattern while the other



            the worst are pedantic lies


                          a blob of sun falls off the sun


                                        all manner of

leniencies coalesce in a love of country

Are you the genius behind the flaming yew



            winter child with summer policies


                         a shadow is a double



                                      whereas nightfall

is night with a flourish

It’s not what it looks like


              unearthing strange deposits of strife

and kindness


                          a stranger falls out of your 



                                        someone to sin with

and talk to



How can I forget the house of approval at

world’s end


              tying a knot to fix a memory


                             my body and I look alike


                                         we resemble timeless

disfigured light

Is it life that issues from a moody horn


             a common thing of no or great



                          resisting frivolity is frivolity


                                         lay your eyes on

foreign streets and districts

Adam Soldofsky

Adam Soldofsky’s work has appeared in various journals including Paperbag, Bodega, Gigantic Sequins, Prelude and on the Tin House Blog. He lives in lives in Los Angeles, CA. His series of screenshot poems, The Blind Swordsman Poems can be found online at

Baptiste Tavernier

Baptiste Tavernier is a French painter, photographer, musician, and installation artist. He studied musical composition and digital arts at Paris University before moving to Chiba to study traditional Japanese arts and crafts. His latest meticulous and intricate paintings focus on the concept of the ‘labyrinth’ across cultures. These paintings have been influenced by his interests in both avant-garde music, classical mythology, and Japanese culture. Baptiste currently lives and works in Japan as a restorer of Japanese armor. You can find more of his artwork online at